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woman sat on a beach next to a sign that says this is my happy place

6 Sources Of Unlimited Happiness

There are many things in life that provide you with happiness in short bursts, but often the novelty wears off. What are the secrets to happiness that never ends? Here are 6 ways to keep the good vibes flowing through your entire life.

screaming face in brick wall

The Vocal Minority Fallacy In The Internet Age

The internet and social media platforms are perfect breeding grounds for amplifying minority opinions. The platforms can present minority opinions as being representative of the entire population.

numbers on a ticker board

What Is The Largest Number Humans Can Comprehend?

Trying to visualize, comprehend, and differentiate between large numbers is frustrating. Our feeble minds inherently struggle. So how big can our small brains go when it comes to large numbers?

How Am I Going To Die? Science Has The Answer!

There is a completely genuine, scientific way to find out how you will probably die. And a bonus – what superpowers you have without even knowing! Disclaimer: results (and death) may vary.

nootropics bottles scatterned on surface

Are Nootropics Snake Oil, Or Revolutionary?

These brain-enhancing supplements promise improved mental acuity. Fans of nootropics are just as rabid about their benefits as their detractors who cry snake oil. So who is right?