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The Best Passive Investing Books

Passive investing is inherently simple. That is a big part of the appeal. Even so, until you understand the fundamentals of why it works, you cannot have full confidence in the passive investment strategy. Get up to speed quickly with these must-read finance books.

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The Best Day Of The Month To Invest

Which day of the month should you set your direct deposit? For the passive investor, once you’ve chosen your fund, the only decision you need to make is the day of the month it goes in your account. What can we learn from historic pricing?

Should Financial Independence Be Taught In Schools?

Why are we not teaching financial independence in schools? Is it a grand conspiracy or are there practical reasons not to? Becoming financially independent is a solid goal, but seemingly ignored in education.

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Is Passive Investing A Giant Ponzi Scheme?

A large portion of the market is investing passively, and that number is growing. The low cost and great historic returns have made it a no-brainer for many of us. Is it a house of cards, and will it ever come falling down?