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luxembourg flag in front of classy gardens in luxembourg

Why Is Luxembourg So Rich?

Why is Luxembourg so rich? It is primarily due to steel and their tax policy. Luxembourg today has the highest GDP per capita in the world.

a quarter million dollars in $100 dollar bills

How Much Is A Quarter Million Dollars?

A quarter million dollars, or $250,000 is substantial sum of money. Let’s place that money into context. What can it buy? How do you earn it? Find out this and more!

couple sat watching the sunset

Retire Smart: Advice For A Successful Retirement

You’ve done all the hard work. Retirement should be a breeze, right? And yet, there are common pitfalls newly retired folk fall into that prevent them from having a successful retirement.

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6 Saving & Investing Myths Debunked

There are several common misconceptions about saving and investing. Each of them has the potential to significantly damage your financial situation over a long period. Here, we deliver some hard truths!

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Personal Finance Flowchart For 2024

2023 is the year you take control of your finances. Use our simple, step-by-step personal finance flowchart to determine what you need to do next with your money, and become financially independent.

politics poster with multi-colored dinosaurs

The Best Political Systems In The World

How do you run a country effectively? It seems like an impossible question to answer, especially when you’re all too familiar with the failings of governments close to home. But there are countries around the world with happy, thriving populations who are highly satisfied with their government & political systems. What can we learn from successful Nordic & Asia-pacific systems?

Red ball with a smiley face floating in the water

Your Happiness Is The Only Thing That Matters

The compass that guides you in life is staring you in the face. What feels good, and makes you feel happy? Is happiness the only thing you need to consider to lead a successful life?

handcuffed hands with societal issues written on them

Overlooked And Ignored Issues In Society

There are issues in society that future generations will look back on and think, “how did they let that happen?”. Overlooked and ignored, should we be doing better as a society to bring them to people’s attention, and take action?