Invest For Success with Investment Coaching

Invest For Success with Investment Coaching

Investing in the stock market seems daunting & highly risky. It’s no wonder people avoid it all together.

But investing is so important to building a brighter future. By using sensible & simple investing strategies, anyone can become a successful investor. We can show you how.

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Why choose investment coaching

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Take the sensible path

The reality is that investing in the stock market can be incredibly risky. No matter what you invest in, there is a chance you can lose money.

Furthermore, there is a lot of advice out there and it’s difficult to know who to trust. It’s smart to be skeptical – even of us!

If you choose our investment coaching, we will help guide you down the sensible path. The path that we believe, from our many years of experience, gives you the best chance of success.

We do this through financial education. We give you the tools and knowledge to make smarter investment decisions.

Common investing pitfalls

Investment coaching concepts

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Investment strategies

Our friendly coaches will help you learn about concepts such as active and passive investing. Understanding the difference is crucial in picking an investing strategy.

Perhaps the best investor the world has ever known, Warren Buffett, is an active investor but advocates for passive investing.

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Passive investing and index funds

In the old days, most investors would pick a handful of stocks (companies), say around 10-20, and trade them over time based on which they thought would perform better. This has repeatedly been shown to be a losing strategy for the vast majority of people.

Instead, with an index fund, you make one purchase into a fund (a grouping of stocks) and own a small part of thousands of companies. Most index funds effectively track the performance of the whole stock market. As a result, if the stock market goes up, so will your investment, and as it goes down, your investment will too. Accordingly, in the short term your investment may fluctuate wildly as we go through boom-and-bust cycles.

However, as the stock market has always returned over long periods, you have a high chance of success if you can commit to investing your money for many years (decades).

The benefits of smarter investing

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Financial Advisor vs. Investment Coach

First – an important distinction. We are not financial advisors. A financial advisor or wealth manager can recommend specific products and can take your money and invest it on your behalf (for a hefty ongoing fee). A financial coach on the other hand, focuses on educating you to make the best decisions yourself.

Using a financial advisor may seem like a sensible thing to do, but you rarely get what you pay for with professional investment managers unless you have a very high net worth or very complex affairs. That’s because they are rarely able to outperform the simple passive index fund, particularly when you deduct the fees that they charge.

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The cost of financial advisors & investment coaches

Once again – it all comes back to fees. Usually, financial advisors are paid a percentage of your portfolio each year (possibly more in kickbacks depending on the products they recommend).

Most financial advisors are inherently good people trying to increase your wealth. But they are incentivized primarily by creating a profitable business for themselves – there is simply no getting around this inherent conflict. A low-cost, no-commission product is unlikely to get recommended by a financial advisor, even if it is the best option for you.

Financial coaches on the other hand usually charge a flat fee or recurring fee for multiple sessions. Therefore, we are not shackled by the need to make commissions. We simply want to impart the best possible wisdom we can.

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An investing education

Our financial coaching is about educating you to make the right investment choices. Trust us when we tell you that no-one is going to be better at looking after your investments, and your future, than you.

Whether you have money to invest or are just starting to become curious about investing, a coach can teach you how to become a confident and safe investor. Let us present you with all the information so you can make an informed decision about your money.

You work hard every single day for that money, so invest in the knowledge needed to grow it over time. Indeed, financial coaching may be the best investment you ever make.

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